World class adventures are found in the blue-waters of the Gulf Stream, just offshore from the Florida Keys. Dolphin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, king mackerel, and marlin inhabit these 200 to 2,000 foot deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailfish and dolphin are the popular targets here. Both species are caught year-round; the best sailfish action is from November through January and the best dolphin fishing is during the summer months. 

    Offshore Sailfish Hunt

    Anglers from all around the world come to Islamorada in pursuit of their trophy sailfish. Sailfish are plentiful on the reef in Islamorada. The Sailfish is an acrobatic, billfish that jumps across the water beautifully dancing and is a great challenger on light tackle. Sailfish can be caught year round, but the best season starts in November and continues through March. 

    Sailfish will migrate south following schools of bait. The sailfish bite after a cold front in - January through April can be phenomenal. Trolling your live baits on the reef or dangling baits from fishing kites is an extremely exciting way to fish as you will often see the fish and the strike as it happens. 

    You will see when the Sailfish eat the bait as the water turns blue and black with activity. As the sailfish eats the bait and runs, you lock down on the drag; reel tight and this fish can be yours for the catch and release. Not only does one sailfish come up at a time but also there are always chances of pairs, triples and quads. Charter one of our offshore boats and take on the sailfish and add him to your angling collection. Other species of fish can also be targeted on the reef and offshore: Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin "Mahi Mahi" to name a few. 

    Availability: All year, but November through March recommended. 

    Rates vary depending on boat and number of people

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    Offshore Dolphin Pursuit

    Dolphin (also known as Mahi-mahi or dorado) is a great fish for both beginners and experienced anglers. Dolphin can provide rapid action, as they are very acrobatic once hooked. Their colors are amazing with hues of green, blue teal and silver and from head to tail. Dolphin can be caught year round but preferably in the warmer summer months. Schools of dolphin can be found offshore in the Gulfstream waters. Mahi Mahi are caught while trolling baits where the the blue offshore water meets the greener inshore water. Dolphin can range from only a few pounds upwards of 50 pounds and more. 

    Typically when dolphin fishing in the Gulfstream, we are looking for diving birds or large pieces of debris. The debris can be almost anything and large patches of Sargasso weed. The seaweed or debris attracts bait, which in turn will attract dolphin. The dolphin that are found in large schools are typically much smaller and average from a few pounds to schools of 10 pounders known as schoolies. What they may lack in size though, they can make up in sheer numbers. You can hook a dolphin and look down and literally see hundreds of other dolphin in the school. 

    Trolling offshore in the Gulfstream also works well to catch the bigger dolphin. The Florida Keys summertime Dolphin fishing offshore is your best catch. In Islamorada, we are known to have many Dolphin tournaments. If you are interested in entering a tournament let us know and we can help suggest a few. 

    Availability: All year, but Summer recommended. 

    Rates vary depending on boat and number of people

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Don't forget the essentials!

The below items are recommended to enhance your on-the-water enjoyment:

- Sunglasses (polarized are preferred especially for sightfishing)
- Sunscreen, Hat or Visor
- Lunch/Snacks - Plenty of Water
- Camera

* All trips include: bait, tackle, and ice.